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About me

When I was fifteen I told my English teacher, the lovely Mrs Arrowsmith, that some day I’d like to write a book. She asked, “Why not write it now?” to which I replied that I wanted some life experience before I did so. In the interim, I worked for NatWest Bank before tunnelling out using a spoon secreted from the canteen. I was briefly an au pair in Menorca – what a summer that was! I went on to train to be a TEFL teacher and worked in Bilbao and Madrid. Although teaching had been a means of living in Spain, I fell in love with the job and did it for over 20 years. I returned to England to obtain further qualifications and became a Director of Studies and an English Language Examiner. The latter saw me travel around the world.

In 2014, I went to Sardinia on my first-ever open water swimming holiday. I met a very nice man from California. We fell in love and were married two years later. That same year we relocated to Andalusia, Spain, where we are able to indulge our love of swimming in the sea.

The Pandemic and lockdown meant I wasn’t able to teach or travel so, with a prompt from Marian Keyes’s online Instagram writing lessons, forty years after my statement of intent I finally wrote that book! I now write full-time.

I have more adventures planned for my main character, Claire, and I hope you’ll share her journey.