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My book launch

I had my book launch at an English pub where I know the landlady and some of the customers. My friend, author Joan Fallon, interviewed me, then we had a Q&A session, followed by book signing. It was really nice meeting people who were interested in finding out more about the book and how I write. It was a great evening!

El Cabo de Gata

The holiday in Take the Plunge is set El Cabo de Gata, a national park in Spain. Here you can see some of the stunning scenery. We went to San José, which is where the swimmers in the book had their swimming holiday and all the drama takes place!

Swimming holidays

I’ve been on several great swimming holidays, including the one to Sardinia where I met my husband! These are photos taken in Kas, Turkey. It was the BEST holiday and I got to swim with turtles, sadly no photos of them, maybe next time.


A couple of years ago we got a Spanish Water Dog. Despite the name of the breed, Ruby is a little shy around water and the hoped-for swims with our dog haven’t materialised. However, we do lots of walking together and she’s great for cuddles!