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The Aquarium


Sophie and Oliver do have an orientation swim before the main excursions take place. This is normal practice on an open water swimming holiday but given the swimmers’ abilities and speed would already be known as they are members of the same swim club, it is a little superfluous. Sophie and Oliver are being a bit cheeky here by counting it as one of the official swims thus making the holiday look more content-full than it actually is. They can just about get away with it because Ben is new to the group and they are going to film everyone so as to assess their swim technique.

Debbie doesn’t want to be filmed. It’s never fully disclosed why, there could be a number of reasons: she doesn’t feel her technique is good enough and doesn’t want that exposed or analysed. She might think it will give Claire another reason to roll her eyes at her in exasperation. Maybe, like a lot of women, she feels self-conscious about her body-type and doesn’t want others to scrutinise it on screen, or indeed look at herself. Or, she could be telling the truth about the reason she gives, that Alan is the swimmer in the family and she’s not bothered about improving.

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Day 1

AM: Punta de Cala Higuera to Morrón de los Genoveses 2.5km
PM: Morrón de los Genoveses to Puesto de San José 1.5km

Day 2

AM: Los Escullos to Punta del Barranco del Negro, 3.5km

Day 3

AM: Punta Javana (mini crossing) to Islote de San Pedro 500m
Islote de San Pedro to Cala Hernandez (crossing Cala de San Pedro) 4km
PM: Cala Hernadez to Playa de las Negras 2km

Day 4

AM: Isla de San Andres to Castillo de San Andres to Torre del Rayo, 4km
PM: Torre del Rayo to El Lance, 3km

Day 5

AM: Cala Sorbas to Playa de Agua Amarga, 3km

Week total (approx) 23km


Please note that these routes and itineraries have NOT been health and safety-assessed. If you plan to swim them, you do so at your own risk.

Safety when swimming:

  • Always swim with someone else
  • Be aware of your surroundings both in and out of the water
  • Take notice of warning signs on beaches
  • NEVER swim when you are drunk or having been drinking alcohol
  • Be sure to keep hydrated on your swim
  • Wear a high factor, waterproof sunscreen when swimming in summer
  • Wear a brightly-coloured swimming cap for visibility
  • It is recommended to use a tow float for heightened visibility