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Day 1

AM: Start from Punta de Cala Higuera to Playa de San José, swim across the bay to Puesto de San José, then hugging the coastline and ending at Morrón de los Genoveses
PM: From Morón de los Genoveses to Puesto de San José swimmers can choose to return via the coastline or straight across the bay

This is the first proper swim of the holiday. The orientation has been done and the swimmers have been paired with a partner who has similar abilities.

As a swim group it is a small one and because of this Sophie and Oliver have had quite a difficult task putting the right people together, particularly Ben. The majority of the group have done a combination of swimming in a pool, where technique is worked on, and in the sea where what they have learned is put into practice. Because of the hot summer they have been able to do a lot of open water swimming. However, Ben is at a distinct disadvantage because not only does he have little formal swimming training, but he has only done one sea swim before the trip.

On the first morning swim we hear him talk about missing the end of the pool to hang onto and take a breather after swimming a length (50 metres). What he’s not saying is how difficult he’s finding it.

Open water swimming is very different to being in a pool – that’s why people love it! The first swim is 2.5 kilometres, that’s 100 lengths of an average 25-metre pool, or 50 of the Aquarium’s Olympic-sized. It’s little wonder Ben’s feeling puffed out! Luckily for him Debbie is very understanding, in fact she’s glad she’s now not the slowest swimmer in the group.

In the afternoon the second swim of the day is shorter, 1.5 kilometres or 60 lengths of a 25-metre pool. For a very competent swimmer like Claire this does not represent much of a challenge, almost like a cool down.

This is going to be a much more relaxed swim in general, not only because it is shorter but also because the group are starting to settle into their swimming rhythm and getting used to being with one another.

There is always the temptation to swim very quickly at the beginning of the day, forgetting it isn’t a race. By the next swim people have less energy and realise they have to pace themselves.