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Day 3

AM: Start at Punta Javana and swim to Islote de San Pedro, from there swimmers can choose to swim across Cala de San Pedro or by Playa de San Pedro. Finish in Cala Hernández
PM: From Cala Hernández hugging the coastline to Playa de las Negras

Day Three swim

AM: 4.5 kilometres (180 lengths of a 25-metre pool or 90 of the Aquarium)

The longest swim of the holiday so far, which unfortunately clashes with some bad weather and even the more talented swimmers struggle today.
As their starting point is an hour and a half’s boat journey, the group have to leave early and there are a few bleary-eyed people stumbling to the breakfast table. The skies are grey and gloomy but even given this they are not fully prepared for the state of the water. The first part of the swim is relatively easy, 500 kilometres, it is from a small island to the shore. As this is quite enclosed they do not realise how rough the sea is until they start the second leg.

Swimming in the sea when it’s like this is a very different experience. You have to reach into your ‘tool box’ of techniques and use something suitable. To start with, you’ll have to make sure that you reach high with your arm as it comes out of the water, so as to rise above the waves in order to stroke properly. You have to turn your head more to avoid water gushing into your mouth, maybe only turn in one direction if it’s really bad. There’s a lot more to think about, you really are battling the elements –– sometimes that can feel scary. This is tough when it’s a crossing and Sophie and Oliver won’t want to linger in open water for safety reasons. Also, during a crossing the water can be deep and you’re not within easy reach of land. Not everyone likes this sensation, it makes them feel vulnerable, but for others it offers a real sense of freedom.

Some of the swimmers decide it’s too much for them and opt to get into the Zodiac. This is no mean feat, getting into a Zodiac from the water is difficult on a calm day, but in choppy water it takes a lot of determination and a willingness to look ungainly in the process.

PM: 2 kilometres (80 lengths of a 25-meter pool or 40 of the Aquarium)

In comparison to the morning swim this is a piece of cake, particularly as the sun comes out. It’s also less pressurised as they swim close to the shoreline, this means they won’t feel the need to push forward. If individuals need to stop and rest, it’s not a problem.