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The book

Take the Plunge

First in a series

Still reeling from the loss of her beloved father and her part in his death, Claire takes refuge in alcohol, cake, and online dating, but nothing helps. These days the only thing that makes her happy is swimming, be it in the pool or the sea. 

So when Claire’s swim club organises an open water swimming holiday in Spain, it seems like the ideal antidote to her woes.

She persuades her best friend to take the plunge and come along too. After all, what’s the worst that can happen? But the trip is being organised by two inexperienced coaches, desperate to make a go of their business venture and blind to the challenges of the holiday.

Added to this, swimming isn’t top of the agenda for everyone in the group. The perfect getaway or a recipe for disaster? A horrendous incident at sea means Claire has to risk her life for another. Will this act help her find the atonement – and future happiness – she so desperately seeks?

Susan Carew - Take The Plunge - Book Cover